Blogging Options

When starting a blog there are many different platforms out there that can be used. Most of this depends upon your skill level and how much customization you want to make. Also, if you have a website, that you want to add a blog onto is another factor that should be considered. Here are some of the options:


One option is to  use WordPress either by or If a blogger needs to have a fully functional site for a company with a blog component I would recommend, you will go through a hosting company for this. But if you just want a stand-alone blog with either your own domain name or a subdomain name then would be the choice to go., offers both a free plan that gives you a * subdomain, and several paid plans with your own domain.
With WordPress you get many options with customization, along with many other great features. There is support available, since WordPress is an open source software they have tons of forums to rely on for support.


Blogger is operated by Google, this used to be known as BlogSpot. This option is mainly good for either a standalone blog or for someone new to blogging. This is not a good option for someone with a company website who wants a blog to promote that product. Blogger is mainly for just blogging. It is free, you do get a *.BlogSpot subdomain for free, also a free SSL Certificate comes pre-installed. You can buy your own domain and point it to your Blogger also.  Also this is  very simple to use and easy to learn. So, if you don’t want to spend much time teaching yourself how to use something new this would be a great choice. Blogger is also integrated with your Google account, which adds more simplicity. On the downside there is not many options for customization with Blogger as with WordPress. There is also not much available on this product from Google when it comes to customer support.


Typepad is another blogging option that can be used. Sadly, with this option you must pay for it. Unlike WordPress and Blogger there is no free option. However this options does offer a 14-day trial period. Typepad is simple and easy to use and they do offer great customer support. Since there is no free option available this can be a turn off for many new bloggers.

These are three of the options that are quite popular when it comes to blogging. Each blog is unique to its own, so its platform should be tailored to its specific goal.


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