Web Development

WordPress Web Development

  • Standard Hourly Web Development Rate: $45.00
  • Website Maintenance Package (40 hours a month)*: $880
  • Website Maintenance Package (20 hours a month)*: $500
  • Website Maintenance Package (10 hours a month)*: $200

About a Website Maintenance Package

Once you have a website fully developed and up and running, you will need to make minor changes over time. Other items that should be done routinely to a website include:

  • Website backups
  • Security checks
  • Software updates 
  • Browser compatibility checks
  • Usability checks
  • Social Media Consulting (see below)
  • And much more!

Having a website that is maintained by a professional every month will prevent long term issues and make sure your website is compatible with the latest web browsers, and newest devices. 

Social Media Consulting

I have completed additional training and coursework on the newest social media marketing techniques. Integrating your website with social media is critical. Websites get viewed most based off how well they are optimized for search engines and social media. To consolidate services I can provided Social Media Consulting services to ensure you have a strong marketing plan and have the right tools to implement it. This also includes training on social media tools and platforms. 

Social media marketing can be added into your website maintenance package, and those hours can be used for social media needs. 

*Website Package Plans are billed every 3 months with a 6 to 12 month agreement.