Rich Pins on Pinterest

When using Pinterest, you can utilize Rich Pins which give extra details right on the Pin. There are five Rich Pins you can take advantage of:

  1. App Pins: This will have an installation button for your app.
  2. Article Pin: This will show the headline of an article along with information such as the author and description.
  3. Product Pins: This will show a product with the pricing and where you can purchase that specific product at.
  4. Recipe Pins: These are very useful for sharing recipes if you are in the food industry. This will enable you to show recipe details such as cooking time, ingredient, servings, etc.
  5. Film Pins: These will allow you to mark-up the details of a movie, such as the actors in it along with when it is going to be released. It can also link to others ratings on it!

Rich Pins are very beneficial because number one they update automatically. For example, if you update a price on your website, it will reflect on your product pin. Also, if people pin your product and you decrease the price by 10 percent, Pinterest will send an automatic email about the price reduction to people who pinned the specific product. Guess what that is done for free.  These pins will simply provide useful information to users along with boosting traffic. Some companies have experience a 70% increase after implementing these pins.


To activate Rich Pins for your site, check this article out! 

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