Six Tips for Online Discussion Forums

There are many benefits when it comes to using online discussions. Here are ten tips to consider when utilizing them:

  1. Stick to the Topic
    Any discussion or thread will have a title or general topic. You can even get a sense of this from just reading a few of the posts. You do not want to post anything that appears off topic or as chit-chat.
  2. Search Before Posting
    The item you wish to be posting about might have already been posted about or discussed. For instance, if you are looking to post about Setting Up Bash on Windows, there might already be a thread on that. Take the time to search through archives. If you find one that matches what you’d like to post, comment in it as needed if you would like more feedback that what that thread already provides.
  3. Use Good Grammar and Capitalization:
    This one is almost common sense. Many people use Internet shorthand when posting online, in a marketing stand point this can reduce your credibility.
  4. No Feeding the Trolls:
    A troll is someone who attack or insults another user, or pushing a thread off topic. This is something no one would want done to them so do not do it to someone else!
  5. Do not Post Repetitively:
    If your question or comment gets no feedback, it would not be wise to repost it somewhere else. It is also annoying to others when people disrupt discussion flow.
  6. No Sock Puppets:
    The New York Times defines this as “creating fake online identity to praise, defend or create the illusion of support for one’s self, allies or company”. There have been companies and users who have gotten caught doing this. For well skilled users of forums they can easily detect when someone else is doing this. You are better off dealing with the negative comments than to create fake accounts and result in destroying your company’s reputation.

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