HTML Lesson 1: What is HTML? Basic Webpage Example


  • HTML: standard programming language for creating web pages, Hypertext Markup Language.
  • <body> This is where everything you see in the browser is coded within.
  • <head> This is used before the body element and gives information about your page.
    • <title> is usually in the <head> and holds the name of the site that will be shown at the top of the browser window.
  • You can look at other sites code by right clicking on the page and selecting view page source (chrome)

Breaking Down the Code:

“<!DOCTYPE html> 
Tells computer this is HTML code
<html lang=”en”>
Using English 

Head tag, contains website information

<title> Welcome to My Website</title> 
Title tag, will show title at top of browser window.

<meta charaset=”utf-8″>


Everything you will see in the browser.

<h1>My name is Zach</h1>
Heading level 1 similar to Microsoft Word

<p> I like writing HTML Code. <br>
Paragraph, <br> means to enter to next line.

I also like developing websites in HTML. <br>

My favorite website is Reddit. </p>
Ending paragraph

Ending body

Ending HTML