Windows 10 1903


It has been a while since I did a post on this blog of mine. Windows just came out with their 1903 update, and I have a had a few weeks to try it out. Below is a list of some of my favorite features.

  1. Light Theme
    There is a new system-wide light theme that gives you light colors through the Start menu, taskbar, touch keyboard, etc. I gave this theme a try for a few days, and I really like it! This should speak a lot from itself given the fact that I always use the dark theme in Microsoft Office. The light theme is very well balanced in my opinion and is worth a try.
  2. Reserved Storage
    Windows will now reserve about 7gb of storage for updates, cache, and other temporary files. This will be beneficial in preventing issues and crashes during Windows Updates.
  3. Pause the Updates
    Originally Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise gave you the option to put updates on hold, now with 1903 you can pause updates on Windows 10 Home. You now have the option to either delay updates for up to seven days or do them automatically.
  4. Cortana and Search Separate
    Windows has made Cortona a huge part of its search function down at the start menu. Now with 1903 Cortona and Search will be two different features. This will be beneficial in the enterprise in case a system admin would wish to disable Cortona for users without impacting Windows Search.
  5. Voice Activation
    Voice activation is a new item under settings. This will allow you to manage which applications can listen to voice keywords and continue to listen after detection of voice keywords.

Please feel free to comment which features of 1903 you like the most, along with any bugs that you may have experienced!

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